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Life Coaching & Career Counselling

Life Coaching

Life coaching can help individuals to work on personal development, various life transitions, improve personal relationships and / or achieve different goals. It can be very helpful in establishing objectives and developing empowerment across diverse areas in life and this can include:

  • Working on and increasing one’s level of self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

  • Learning how to maintain a better work-life balance

  • Understanding and practicing self-love and care; this also pertains to getting one’s own needs met.

  • Creating meaning and purpose through various goals in life

  • Developing better communication and building stronger interpersonal relationships.

Life coaching career coaching Neo Cooper
  • Strengthening friendships and family ties

  • Formulating the sense of  self through working on one’s self and identity

  • Emotion regulation – managing and regulating negative emotions in day to day life such as anger, sadness, frustration, stress, impatience etc.

  • Exploring other factors such as drive and motivation

  • Working on one’s general sense of well-being such as mental, physical and emotional health to achieve an overall balanced lifestyle

Career counselling

Job searching can be an extremely stressful situation. Similarly being unhappy and dissatisfied at work can harbor some very resentful and unhealthy feelings. Being in a highly stressful job position with long hours can be very detrimental to one’s self-esteem. In both scenarios, upsetting emotions such as anxiety, fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem and low self-confidence are feelings that are not uncommon. After all, one starts to feel more and more demoralized upon receiving multiple rejection letters.

Seeing someone professional for career counselling can help to minimize the stress and anxiety involved in these events. Achieving satisfaction, confidence and happiness at work is an emotional process that involves the successful processing of conflict and negative emotions such as the experience of rejection and self-doubt via healthy channels instead of allowing these setbacks to hamper one’s growth and career development. Career counselling can help with overcoming these possible challenges, gain empowerment and to stay focused on one’s career goals.

If you feel that you will benefit from either life coaching or career counselling to achieve various goals and empowerment, do reach out to us today.

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