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Wokplace Stress

Encountering workplace stress is a very common experience. Many factors can contribute to workplace stress and these can include having to meet datelines, adjusting to a new work environment, not being satisfied or not coping with the work environment, feeling overwhelmed with the workload, not getting along with management or colleagues, low salaries, conflict between personal and work expectations, not receiving enough support etc.

Although the majority of people would have faced a form of stress during their time of work, but when workplace stress becomes a chronic problem, that is when it can have a detrimental impact on one’s physical and mental health.

Work stress neo cooper psychology clinic

When a person experiences prolonged exposure to stress at work, they may began to feel isolated. Performance at work may also further decline. Other issues such as anxiety and depressive symptoms may start to take place. The person may feel very overwhelmed and this can result in other physical symptoms like insomnia, hypertension, stomach issues (i.e. IBS), increase / decrease in appetite and mood swings. Social interactions with family and / or friends can also be affected. Chronic workplace stress can also affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Seeking psychotherapeutic help can be very beneficial in many ways. It can help you to track, understand and manage your stressors in a more effective way. It can also help you to establish boundaries, problem solve, develop better conflict resolution, and healthier and more effective responses. It also provides you with a source of support. If you feel very overwhelmed with workplace stress, do reach out for help today.

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