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Anger Management

Anger management in psychotherapy is a form of psychological intervention for the control, management and prevention of anger outbursts, various forms of aggression, and the recognition of other emotions underlying the anger and regaining power over the anger. Other skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving and emotion regulation are also practiced.

Anger is often a defense mechanism that results from a response to underlying anxiety or fear in relation to feelings of losing control, vulnerability, defenseless, powerlessness and helplessness. It can also be a consequence of frustration and stress when individuals feel they are facing a form of gridlock whereby they are obstructed from something they feel is of significance.

Research also demonstrated that anger and aggression could be correlated to lower levels of self-esteem and a poorer sense of self-worth hence working on personal development can be beneficial in therapy.

We utilize different tools for anger management therapy to help individuals understand and regain confidence in the above. If you feel that you are struggling with anger, do reach out to us and let us help you today.

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