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Relationship & Marital Counselling

Taking the step to go for couples counselling can feel like a very big and scary one. It feels like you’re admitting that your marriage / relationship is not perfect but many marriages / relationships are usually not, and it is ok. Understanding that you are not alone in what you are going through in your marriage / relationship is important.

There are common issues that couples go through and are not limited to

  • Infidelity / cheating

  • Having trust being broken

  • Conflict (arguments) that are getting more recurrent

  • Misunderstanding and miscommunication (communication that can be improved)

  • One or both partners feel neglect, unheard and / or unloved

  • One or both partners become hostile or dysfunctional during times of conflict

  • One or both partners have encountered a traumatic or highly stressful situation and has impacted upon the marriage / relationship or changed the dynamics of the marriage / relationship

  • One or both partners are stuck in negative emotional / behavioral patterns that are affecting the marriage / relationship

  • Emotional and / or physical intimacy has decreased

  • Problems with parents or in-laws causing conflict within the marriage

  • Differences in opinions of parenting

  • Decisions leading up to a divorce

Most often than not, couples initially present one or two major problems during the first stage of counselling but will later discover that there are other underlying challenges that have persisted and would greatly benefit from teamwork and therapy, and their goals will continue to shift and change as they make progress together.

Couples counselling does not necessarily mean that your marriage / relationship is in jeopardy. No doubt it is recommended that you seek help in overcoming the hurdles in your marriage / relationship if you start to find the problems overwhelming. But couples therapy can actually be beneficial for many as it helps to strengthen bonds by further comprehending the issues in marriages / relationships by communicating them from a neutral perspective and managing the expectations that partners have of one another. It also helps to restore commitment, love and trust and to assist in working through unresolved problems via more methodical approaches. It helps couples to explore and re-discover their strengths and to apply them in the marriage / relationship.

Apart from other techniques, we also utilize the Gottman Method, a clinical approach to couples therapy.

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