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Making An Appointment 

Consultations are by appointment only.

Skype Sessions are also available upon request for individuals who prefer to have online sessions from the comfort and flexibility of their own home, for those who are based overseas; or for patients who simply are unable to come into the clinic. Do contact us to make further enquiries.

Payment Method

We accept cash, Nets, PayNow and cheque.

The First Session

For your first session, it is always recommended that you arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you have adequate time to fill out the forms and settle in.


It is very common to feel a bit uncertain, awkward or a little lost in your first session especially if you have never seen a psychologist before; hence it is always good to be as open and transparent as possible, and ask as many questions as needed. In your first session, it is a normal consultation process for your practitioner to gain a brief understanding of your background and present situation, the reasons why your came to therapy and what your goals and objectives might be, what your existing symptoms are and what your current priorities are in therapy.


It is also essential for you to understand that the first step you make in coming to therapy does not cement your commitment to continuing with therapy. One of the goals in therapy is to understand what is best and most comfortable for you, and working towards that together with you. Therapy is not for patient / client retention purposes but knowing that your progress is our priority.

Subsequent Sessions

Each subsequent session aims in moving you towards a more positive and wholesome lifestyle and being able to achieve the objectives and goals that you aimed to accomplish when you first started in therapy. Throughout the therapeutic process, you will gain new and different perspectives as well as sustainable techniques in which you are able to apply to various challenges. The aim in therapy is to assist you in building a stronger sense of self-worth and to allow you to independently apply these tools that you have learnt in therapy to be self-sustainable, and to be better-equipped in handling future life-stressors and to build an overall better general sense of well-being.

Cancellations or Postponements

We are committed to providing all our patients with exceptional quality care. When a patient cancels without providing ample notice, they hinder another from being seen. Therefore we politely ask that if you need to cancel or to postpone a scheduled appointment, please provide us with a 24 hour notice period to allow us the opportunity to reallocate your appointment to someone else who needs it.

Failure to do so will result in cancellation charges. We understand that unexpected events can come up from time to time but unfortunately we are unable to absorb the financial responsibility of missed or last minute cancelled appointments.


We are located at

Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic.

Scott Psychological Centre.

International Building,

Unit 10-10, 360 Orchard Road, 238869

Commuting by Car – Parking is available at the International Building itself and carpark rates and information can be found online at

Additionally, other nearby parking facilities are also available at the Shaw Centre and Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Commuting by Train – The nearest MRT station would be Orchard MRT (NS22). You can take the underpass from the station and we are within approximately 5 minutes' walking distance.


Commuting by Bus – The closest bus stops are located at the Royal Thai Embassy – 09179, at Royal Plaza on Scotts – 09212 and at Tangs Plaza – 09047. Bus numbers that alight at these stops and timetables are available online at the SBS Transit webpage for further information.

The space that we share with Scott Psychological Centre (SPC) is tucked away in a private building and utilizes a number of cozy rooms fitted to the warm themes of serenity and peace bringing you close to Earth and Mother Nature. SPC also has the full amenities of a coffee machine and tea making facilities for your comfort.

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