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We are trained to provide psychotherapy, guidance and counselling services for the following mental health conditions, other psychological and / or emotional challenges as well as day-to-day concerns. Our services are provided in an environment where both clients and patients alike can feel warm, secured and safe to explore various treatment options and start their road to recovery and healing.

Grief_Bereavement_Grief Counselling_Neo
ADHD_Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic.jpg
OCD_Obsessive Compulsive Disorder_Neo Co
Disability_chronic illness counselling_N
Anger Management_Neo Cooper Psychology C
Trauma_PTSD_Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic
End of life_palliative_elderly_Neo Coope
Holistic_Naturopathy_Neo Cooper Psycholo
LGBT_Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic.jpg
Family_Counselling_Neo Cooper Psychology
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