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Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic utilizes an all embracing and non-judgmental approach.  We provide psychological interventions and treatments including psychotherapy and counselling for a wide array of mental health conditions, emotional and behavioral challenges, as well as meeting day to day needs. 

Regardless of racial or religious background, gender or sexual orientation, we can assist with a diverse variety and provide these services to both locals and expats in Singapore. In addition to psychological and counselling services, we also provide life coaching and career counselling. We are also affiliates with a range of other medical and legal service providers. Please check our website for more information.

Meet Amelia
Why Psychotherapy

Why Psychotherapy?

It can help with


Depression is one of the leading causes for disability worldwide. 


Anxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent conditions and many benefit from professional help and care. 


Loneliness has a significant impact on mental and physical health.

Relationships & Families

Clinical psychotherapy is not limited for individuals alone but can help with relationship issues such as infidelity, effective parenting through divorce processes & family conflict via family counseling.  


Self-esteem is highly correlated to many areas in mental health.


Managing stress is crucial for the balance of physical and mental health



Analysing the Numbers
Initial Assessments & Follow Up
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Individual Psychotherapy 
Stones of Meaning
Relationship & Family Counselling


I really want to thank Dr Felicia for the great help that I received. I have started to get a better sense of control and direction. And I know that I am more confident and self-assured because I received a particular grade back for an assignment and although it was not what I had aimed for, I was not as anxious. Additionally, I did a lot better for the formatting of my reports and this was all thanks to her help and advice too. I hope that one day I will be able to provide another person in need, the same level of advice and help that I have received. I have told Dr Felicia that I know I may never be able to repay what she has done for me but I hope that I can someday. 

— S.J

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